Discover Effortless Performance with Croda’s New Emulsifier Cithrol™ PGTL

Croda International Plc is delighted to launch their latest water-in-oil emulsifier, Cithrol PGTL.

Not only is this high-performance emulsifier 100% bio-based, it is also a great alternative to traditional PEG based systems. Recognising the desire of the consumer for formulations with great texture and sensory, Cithrol PGTL allows for the creation of a variety of unexpected formulation sensories - including light, high internal phase emulsions, fluid sunscreens and colour cosmetics, as well as more traditional rich creams. Cithrol PGTL offers outstanding efficiency and versatility, being compatible with a large variety of cosmetic ingredients. Furthermore, the flowable format makes it easy to work with and reduces environmental impact by making cold process formulating a possibility.

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