SEPPIC wins the gold medal for the most innovative functional ingredient at In-Cosmetics Asia 2016

November 30, 2016

SEPPIC wins the top prize for the most innovative functional ingredient at the In-Cosmetics Asia 2016 trade show, for EMOGREEN™, a range of alternative emollients to silicone oils that are natural, biodegradable, and appealing to the touch.

This award was bestowed by a panel of cosmetics experts. It recognizes a functional ingredient offering a major innovation in cosmetics applications that has been on the market for 6 months.

Thanks to its inert chemical structure, EMOGREEN™, which is of vegetal origin, is suitable for a broad range of applications, from skin and hair care to makeup, sunscreen and cleansing… They can be formulated under extreme conditions, for example in rich and active formulations, high to low pH. Compatible with all kinds of oils and easy to use, EMOGREEN™ offers a unique texture.

EMOGREEN™, in addition to being perfectly biodegradable, is 100% biosourced. It can be used as alternative to silicone oils for consumers who are looking for more natural and......

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