Why should I use World Press Online (WPOL) to ensure my company international press coverage?
I have a website where journalists can find information, why use WPOL?
You have a website, but journalists do not have any more material time to find information (less than one journalist out of two is satisfied according to a Nielsen investigation).

I send information directly to the journalists by email, why use WPOL?
The information sent to our journalist members is never considered as SPAM.
  • The data base is automatically updated daily and on a worldwide basis (not only the magazines & journalists you know).
  • Journalists have at their disposal a system of archive files that allows them to pick up your information when it is convenient for them, whereas your emails can easily be lost.
  • Journalists have a permanent link to your website and your email.

I don’t have the budget for international press coverage
If you have the means to communicate at an international level, the annual fee for the services of www.worldpressonline.com is at a very competitive price compared to other forms of communication.

I would like to, but I do not have the time or the personnel to write press kits
No problem, WPOL has at your disposal a pool of journalists and PR agency contacts to write your press releases for a special fee negotiated for our members.

How do I know which magazine took my information?
From your account you will be able to see which magazines picked up your news, by press release.

What are the advantages for my company to be referenced on www.worldpressonline.com
To be referenced allows your company to be connected to the press without interruption, your website being naturally connected to the 3000 journalist members of WPOL.

I have a PR agency, why use WPOL?
World Press Online offers a complementary service used and recognized by the main PR agencies:
  • A connection for your company to a press portal for journalists: (they receive the information at the time they wish and according their targeted needs + they can find your information at any time through a powerful search engine).
  • A tracking service: statistics of connections for each release even for each uploaded and distributed language.
  • A possibility to include your own database in your personal account under www.worldpressonline.com (to keep them informed in priority on some releases).