“Art in a Box” - the third edition: Leonhard Kurz presents a new edition of its “Presentation” art box

WorldPressOnline First Call - Fuerth, 15 October 2013: The stamping foil manufacturer Kurz will this year be releasing the third edition of its “Presentation” art box, which contains a selection of packaging designs, as well as a contemporary artwork. The new box includes six individual packages centered on the theme “Fantastique”. They depict fantastic worlds like “Circus,” “Deep Sea” and “Space” interpreted in various ways.

The designs extend to all but one side of each packaging box, which shows a portion of an artwork. When the puzzle pieces are arranged correctly, a colorful painting from the artist Sascha Banck is revealed. This artist lives in the city of Fuerth, where Kurz's headquarters is located, and is a winner of the Fuerth Cultural Promotion Award. Banck has incorporated the fantasy worlds of the packaging boxes thematically into her own work by reinterpreting and integrating various motifs. Both the painting and the packaging designs are intended to provide an alternative blueprint to the rational world. The designs seek to create a mystical mood or surreal atmosphere, awaken illusions, or evoke dream images in the mind of the viewer.

The packaging boxes have been elaborately finished with hot stamping foils and cold foils in order to support the fantastical character of the designs, and to achieve the desired mood effects. The “Deep Sea” packaging, for example, contains holographic hot stamped designs whose transparently shimmering and mysteriously glittering effects embody the bottomless and unfamiliar deep sea world. The “Circus” packaging is adorned by a sumptuous combination of cold foil transfers and hot stampings, as well as artistic raised relief stampings representing the glamorous world of the circus ring. The “Visionary” packaging, on the other hand, shows sophisticated multi-level relief stampings and playful diffractive designs.

With this year's presentation box, Kurz hopes to provide designers, product managers and processors with a source of inspiration for imaginative packaging design, and to demonstrate the wide range of possibilities offered by foil finishing. The new art box will be on display for the first time at Luxepack 2013 in Monaco. Visitors to the Kurz booth will be able to take this creative tool home with them immediately. Anyone not able to take advantage of this opportunity can request their own copy by sending an email to PMGraphics@kurz.de. The art boxes are available free-of-charge while stocks last.


About KURZ: The KURZ Group is a global leader in hot stamping and coating technology. KURZ develops and manufactures decorative and functional layers applied to carrier foils for a large variety of applications. The range includes metallized, pigmented and holographic stamping foils for packaging or print products, surface finishes for electronic devices or automotive parts, protective and decorative lacquers for furniture or household appliances, authenticity features for brand name items, metallic applications for textiles, and different types of coatings for many other applications. With 4,000 employees in nine production plants in Europe, Asia and the USA, as well as 23 subsidiaries and 70 agencies and sales offices around the globe, the KURZ Group manufactures and sells a comprehensive range of products for surface finishing, decoration, marking and counterfeit protection, rounded off by an extensive range of stamping machines and stamping tools. KURZ also continuously invests in new technologies, and is developing innovative solutions for printed electronics and related applications, e.g. RFID, organic photovoltaics and touch screens.

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