Cosmewax develops “Enjoy the moment” cosmetic range

1 August, 2018 

There is a general consensus that says the levels of stress and anxiety of the “selfie generation” are increasing due to numerous factors such as work overload or virtual comparisons.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently announced that finding wellness would be one of its priorities in the next decade.

Precisely, to find this well-being, the “Enjoy the moment” body care range is born. Pro-happiness products that, in addition to pampering the skin, incorporate actives in their formulations that through sight  and smell stimulate magical sensations.

Ideal as a gift set!

These body care kits include: Shower Gel, Body Scrub, Body milk, Body mist and Hand cream.

TROPICAL FANTASY: Inspired by the wildest and tropical landscapes.

Tropical heat, exotic fruit aromas and party vibrations are trapped in this range. It is the most immediate and deliciously exotic way to show off a soft and well-groomed skin.


SPRING GARDEN: This range allows the most spiritual side to emerge, paying homage to the spring.

Its floral notes turn the moment of showering and the subsequent care of the skin into a moment of comfort and relaxation.


SUGAR CANDY: The sweetest perfume for candy lovers!

This range goes back to childhood. Wrap yourself in the aromas of sweets and cotton candy.

Its caramel smell will enchant you and you will not be able to resist its charms. This kit of products has a feminine, jovial, sophisticated and fun fragrance.


GOURMANDE: This Gourmande kit evokes to candy, sweets and Christmas cookies forging a warm connection with positive feelings.

Who doesn’t want to smell like a mouthwatering dessert that simply melts in your mouth?