Eurofragance launches a new fragrance Evaluation Area in Barcelona

This investment gives impetus to the company’s global strategy and provides crucial support to the Home Fragrance and R&D Unit.


Barcelona 16th May 2018: The fragrance-creating company Eurofragance has upgraded the fragrance Evaluation Area at the Creative Centre in Barcelona and improved the Home Fragrance Unit. It has represented an important milestone for the multidisciplinary team of professionals that develops fragrances and innovates in the growing scented air care and home care segments.

This new Evaluation Area is the culmination of the first harmonisation phase undertaken by Eurofragance in recent years to provide standardised test conditions in its creative centres in Singapore, Dubai and Barcelona. As a global company, Eurofragance works on projects in its different centres, coordinating perfumers, FDM and technicians around the world.  All centres have equivalent evaluation areas, where the same protocols and work criteria are established in order to obtain comparative results and to share the fruits of their work.

According to the new CEO, Laurent Mercier, "this upgrade will bring new momentum to the company’s global strategy and will be key to innovating and developing new solutions for the scented Air Care and Home Care segments. It will also provide crucial support for the R&D department, and for the EuroCaps ™ encapsulated fragrance line of research". 

The Evaluation Area at the Barcelona headquarters consists of 240m2 divided into four separate areas; a total of ten OLFACTORY BOOTHS, four large ones, with dimensions equivalent to standard rooms in a home, and six small ones for performing comparative tests. All air care fragrances are tested in this area according to rigorous evaluation criteria, monitoring performance and its duration. Dolors Costa, Creative Centre Manager, explained the importance of the materials used in the construction of booths, which must be maximum quality and have minimum porosity, thus assuring optimal evaluation of the fragrance and a perfect cleaning between tests. Temperature and humidity control in the different spaces is also systematised. A quick cleaning system, using an external extraction method that makes 100 air changes per hour, prevents cross contamination between the fragrances tested.

INDIVIDUAL SENSORY EVALUATION TEST AREA with an annex for focus groups.

PERSONAL CARE AREA with six contiguous of systematic evaluation points, and, finally, the LAUNDRY CARE AREA with six washers and four dryers as well as a free drying area. There is also a Linitest for simulating simultaneous washes that makes it possible to compare different head notes fresh from the washing machine. According to R&D director Carlos Llorca, the new Evaluation Area is evidence of Eurofragance’s total commitment to technical development in segments which are giving excellent results in the market, such as Eurocaps-M for softeners, EuroCaps-S for washing powder and the new anti-bad-smell solution (EURO-MC) which is about to be launched worldwide.

The investment strategy is endorsed by the board of directors, which met to officially launch the new area: Santiago Sabatés Mas, Maria Jesús Sabatés Mas, Laurent Mercier, Esteban Farrero, Miguel Herrera-Laso, Jaime Grego-Mayor, Albert Garrofé. The members of the board discovered the four areas of the new facilities in Barcelona with Carlos Serrano, Senior Fragrance Development Manager and Consuelo Perez, Fragrance Development Manager.


Eurofragance, “Capturing sensations” since 1990

Eurofragance is an international company of a family-run origin, devoted to the design and production of fragrances for perfumery, personal and home care products. It was created in 1990 with the slogan “Capturing sensations.” It creates unique fragrances in which it invests its creativity, passion and know-how to give its customers’ products an added value.

Eurofragance, with headquarters in Barcelona, has a local presence in more than 60 countries and sells in five continents. Its subsidiaries are located in Turkey, Mexico, Dubai, Singapore and Atlanta, and it has production plants in Barcelona, Mexico DF and Singapore. It also has exclusive distribution in the Philippines. In 2017, the company invoiced 72.2 million euros and currently employs more than 280 professionals.

Eurofragance's social responsibility covers social and environmental projects, work-life balance policies for its employees, and research projects on diseases such as cancer or Alzheimer. Furthermore, the company collaborates with local institutions and organizations on aid projects for disadvantaged people at risk of social exclusion.

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