FachPack 2018: Zanders presents its new fluorocarbon-free barrier paper Zanbarrier NGR and celebrates the 60th birthday of the legendary Chromolux.

25 - 27 September 2018, Hall 8, Booth 8-506, FachPack, Nuremberg.

Bergisch Gladbach, 9. August 2018. Zanders will be presenting its very latest proprietary product at FachPack 2018, a natural barrier paper called Zanbarrier NGR. Due to a special manufacturing process, the use of fluorocarbon or other chemicals is completely unnecessary to ensure its function as a barrier. Zanders will also be showcasing its versatile range of label paper and cartonboard, including the high- gloss qualities of the Chromolux premium brand, which is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. Visitors to FachPack are invited to toast the anniversary with Zanders in Hall 8 at Stand 8-506.

The abbreviation "NGR" in Zanbarrier NGR stands for "natural grease resistant". In the unique production process of Zanbarrier NGR, the cellulose fibers are subjected to an incredibly intense grinding process over several refining stages. The surface area of the fiber is greatly enlarged, so that the absorption of water into the fibers is greatly increased creating a gel-like fiber mass - in technical jargon "slow draining" because the fibers actually feel greasy after refining. The cellulose fibers treated in this way form a tight, strong cross-linked sheet structure on the paper machine thus creating a finished paper which has a 100% natural barrier to oil and grease without the use of fluorocarbon or other chemicals.

The applications for the new Zanbarrier NGR are identical to those of conventional barrier papers. In this way, all flexible food packaging requiring oil and grease-resistance as well as wet-strength papers is fully catered for. These include fast food packaging such as doner kebab, french fries; butter wrappers, bread roll bags, food labels as well as pizza and confectionery cartons. Samples of the new fluorocarbon-free Zanbarrier NGR can now be ordered via info@zanders.com.

Chromolux: a world-renowned brand celebrates its 60th birthday

In 1958, Zanders started production of the extraordinary cast-coated paper Chromolux in Bergisch Gladbach. For 60 years, the brand has been synonymous worldwide with premium-quality paper excellence - initially for board qualities, then also for label paper. Branded companies covet Chromolux for its unique glossiness; its flawless smoothness and its high volume - properties that enable a brilliant print image and immaculate processing, as well as the promise of showcasing refinements to their best advantage. It is particularly suitable for high-end products such as exclusive perfumes and cosmetics; fine confectionery, champagne and spirits as well as fine tobacco products and many other luxury articles. Chromolux is available in a variety of grammages and colors including elegant pearl surface variants and metallic or embossed versions. The extensive portfolio is complemented by Chromolux digital which is ideal for small or personalized print runs.

About Zanders

Zanders is a German manufacturer of high-quality special papers and cartons for labels, packaging and graphic applications. Founded in 1829 by Johann Wilhelm Zanders in Bergisch Gladbach, the company still operates the Gohrsmühle paper mill thanks to around 500 loyal employees. The portfolio includes high-gloss label papers and premium board qualities of the traditional brand Chromolux, one of the world's leading paper brands, as well as high quality variants with extra smooth or naturally napped surfaces. These include Zanlabel label papers and Zanpack packaging board qualities. Especially designed for digital printing, Zanders offers the premium range of Chromolux digital and Silver digital brands as well as Zanjet, a double-sided coated paper for commercial high- speed inkjet printing. The portfolio is rounded off by Zanbarrier, the barrier paper for flexible food packaging, which is available in the variants Zanbarrier OGR (Oil and Grease Resistant) and Zanbarrier NGR (Natural Grease Resistant – a barrier function completely without fluorocarbon or other chemicals). The company's customers are manufacturers of beverages such as spirits; sparkling wine, wine, beer or water, food and luxury foods, tobacco products, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

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