Gualapack Ukraine inauguration in July

Press Release

Gualapack Ukraine inauguration in July


The new Group facility that officially opened in July 2017, is located in Sumy, a town of circa 270 thousand inhabitants and capital of the Ukraine North-East Sumy Oblast region, a peaceful area close to the Russian border.

Gualapack Ukraine is equipped with rotogravure printing press and laminator for the production of multilayer barrier laminates, injection molding presses and assembling machines for spouts and caps as well as pouch-making and spout insertion machines for producing premade spouted pouches.

With that major investment, GualapackGroup intends to improve its offer and its service to CIS customers that can be supplied locally, in premade spouted pouches or in the respective separated components of the same, while supplying as well the growing CIS advanced flexible packaging market.





The GualapackGroup is the world leader of spouted pouches and filling machinery and a key global player of the flexible packaging industry. To date, it operates with direct manufacturing sites in Western and Central Europe (4), Ukraine, Latin America (2), Mexico and through joint ventures in the USA (1) and the Far East (2).

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