Heat-sealable paper: Environmentally friendly solution for flexible packaging

Heat-sealable packaging paper runs successfully at NOMI Co-Packing

Uetersen, 7. December 2017 – Feldmuehle Uetersen GmbH now offers a heat- sealable paper solution for packaging manufacturers and packing companies. The coated flexible packaging paper with a heat-sealable reverse side can be easily used on existing packaging lines and can be recycled in the waste paper cycle. The Dutch copack service provider NOMI Co-Packing has already successfully produced and filled stand-up pouches with the new material.

With the new heat-sealable paper, Feldmuehle further expands its wide product range within its Packaging Solution business area. This provides brand owners with a natural and recyclable material option, which can be used in form-, fill- and seal packing lines similar to plastic films. Available with a high white, glossy or matt surface, the product is suitable for high-quality printed packaging as well as for simple inner pouch solutions.

“For applications which don’t require a barrier function from the material, our product offers an environmentally friendly alternative, made primarily from cellulose instead of plastics,” explains Stefan Eitze, Technical Marketing Manager at Feldmuehle. The material gets its sealing functionality during the paper production process with a water-based dispersion coating applied. It is repulpable in the waste paper recycling process, so that the raw materials can be reused.

The product performs well on existing form-, fill- and seal packing lines. “The new material is ideally suited for our stand-up pouch packaging line,” says René Beijsens, Technical Manager at NOMI Co-Packing, copack partner for many well- known brands. “On top of this, the change in material, from foil to heat-sealable paper, was possible without any additional changes to our machine setting.”

Convenience when opening
The material is also extremely user-friendly, supporting a simple and controlled tearing opening of the packaging for the consumer. Therefore, perforations and notches that are necessary for opening film packaging are not required with this paper-based material.

Free of charge samples can be requested by e-mail to sales@feldmuehle- uetersen.com.

About Feldmuehle Uetersen GmbH
Feldmuehle Uetersen GmbH develops and manufactures high-quality white coated label papers, packaging papers and graphic papers for the German and international market. In Uetersen, near Hamburg, the company has more than 400 employees. The annual production capacity is about 250,000 tons of paper.

In the three business areas of Labelling Applications, Packaging Solutions and Graphical Options, the company offers a broad product portfolio for the label and packaging industry, printing and publishing houses, brand owners, agencies and converters.

The company was founded in 2015 after a long-standing affiliation with Stora Enso. It is continuing the 100-year old tradition of paper production at the Uetersen site under the name Feldmuehle.

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