Mimaki introduces A3 size flatbed UV inkjet printer, “Extra model”

New product announcement of A3 size flatbed UV inkjet printer, "Extra model"

Just one print setting can complete four steps of high-added value creation with primer application to clear surface treatment!

Nagano, Japan (April 20, 2017)

Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd. (Mimaki), Headquartered in Nagano Prefecture, Tomi City; President, Kazuaki IKEDA, announced today the release of [ UJF-3042Mk II EX ] in July 2017, an EXTRA modelof [ UJF-3042Mk II ] of A3 sized UV inkjet printer available to complete by just one print setting of four steps – primer print of strong ink adhesiveness, white print of high print opacity, full color print of bright colorfulness and clear print of surface treatment.

[ UJF-3042MkⅡEX ] is the EXTRA model of [ UJF-3042Mk II ], of which high productivity, excellent machine performance and beauty of print are reserved to upgrade the configuration from the 3 print heads to 4.

This 4 print heads configuration enables an additional attachment of white, clear and primer ink with the full color (CMYK). The primer ink improves the paint adhesion of usual full color print and white ink print. The white ink realizes more vivid expression of print by full color on transparent or deep color media using together as the base color. The clear ink accompanies a sensitive design and a texture effect of matt, shine and premium feel.

A current process of manual apply of primer and an extra job of surface treatment will be finished by one print setting of this new printer. Moreover, the availability of 2 bottles of white ink set on the [ UJF-3042MkⅡEX ] works for the higher density of white color in a short time.

By one print setting to complete the 4 following steps : Base coat of inkjet primer, base print of white ink, full color print and surface coating of clear ink, it will duly help you for your work efficiency, reduction of labor time and improvement of quality.

Plus, the [ Status Indication Lamp] for check of printer status, the [ Vacuum table ] to fix a print substrate on the table, the [ Emergency switch ] to stop the machine operation in an emergency and the [ NCU ( Nozzle Check Unit ) ] of auto-detecting nozzle-clogging will be equipped with [ UJF-3042MkⅡEX ] of the optional items of [UJF-3042Mk II ] as the standard accessories.

A compact but great printer of A3 size, [ UJF-3042MkⅡEX ] realizes the high value added print.

It fires the imagination of creators and supports their business in terms of enhancement of work efficiency.

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Only one print setting realizes a full operation of primer application to clear surface treatment.
It will contribute to your work efficiency and work time reduction

8 bottles of ink are settable to the [ UJF-3042MkⅡEX ] with 4 mounted print heads.
In addition to the basic color set of CMYK, white, clear and primer ink are placed together to the printer. It enables to complete the 4 processes of the base treatment by the primer, the base print by the white, the full color print and the surface treatment by the clear by just one print setting.
It leads not only to the value-added print also the work efficiency and the labor time reduction by the unification of the usual separated works like the primer and the surface coating into just one printer operation.

1. Inkjet primer improving the ink adhesion

While the ink adhesion with the material is not sufficient, applying the inkjet primer will help . The primer can be applied to the desired areas by ink-jetting. This feature retains the texture of the material while printing, which is not possible with manual primer application. The PR-200 available to [ UJF-3042MkII EX ] can be used on resin, glass and metal materials without affecting their texture and improve the ink bonding to the material originally the surface coated.

2. White ink making more effective expression of full color print

The white ink with high opacity can enhances more vivid expression of full color to print together on a deep color or a transparent material as the base.
Plus, max. 2 bottles of white ink can be attached to the printer to realize the high density white print in a short time with more opacity.

3. Clear ink print to represent the texture and to enhance design

With the [Glossy finish] for bright glossiness and the [Matt effect] for muted frosting, [Embossed print] by partial multiple layers, the high value-added print is available by the utilization of clear ink. It adds the glossiness, 3-D appearance, texture and premium feel.

129 types of texture library are ready

By installation of Mimaki RIP software 「RasterLink6」, the [ ARTISTA UV Texture Library ] of the equipment of 129 types of texture pattern will be registered to your PC as the swatch in Adobe Illustrator. Various textures are ready starting the [ BASIC ] pattern for elemental expression and the [ ARTISTIC ] pattern with floral-motif and symbols, the [ MODERN ] with visual effect. Expression of those textures with the clear ink can realize the print for more elaborated design.

ARTISTA UV Texture Library Texture List

ARTISTA UV Texture Library】(129types)

*BASIC(44 types)…Basic pattern
*ARTISTIC(45 types)…Patterns give a design effect with floral-motif and symbols
*MODERN(40 types)…Patterns give a visual effect


Printhead On-demand piezo printhead
(4 print heads arranged in a staggered line)
Print resolution Maximum: 1200 x 1200 dpi
Maximum printable area Width: 300mm
Length:420mm (A3 size)
Ink Type/Color LH-100 (C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm, W, Cl)
LUS-120 (C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm,W, Cl)
LUS-150 (C, M, Y, K, W)
PR-200 (Primer)
Packaging LH-100, LUS-120, PR-200: 250 ml bottle / 1 L bottle
LUS-150: 1 L bottle
Available color number 8 Color
Media Thickness 153 mm (6 in) or less
Weight 5 kg (11 lb) or less
Certifications VCCI class A / FCC class A / ETL UL 60950-1 / CB /
CE Marking (EMC, Low voltage, Machinery directive, and RoHS)/ REACH / Energy Star / IEC60825-1
Interface Ethernet / USB2.0
Noise level Standby mode: 55dB or less (FAST-A, measured1 m away from the source)
Continuous operation: 65 dB or less
Discontinuous operation: 70 dB or less
Power supply Single-phase AC100-240V, ±10%, 50/60Hz ±1Hz
Power consumption 1,000W or less
Operational environment Temperature 20 - 30 degC (68 - 86 degF)
Humidity 35 - 65%Rh
Recomended Temperature 20 - 25 degC (68 - 77 degF)
Thermal gradient ±10 degC (±50 degF) /h or less
Dust level Equivalent to a general office floor level
RIP software RasterLink6 (Bundled)
Dimensions (W × D × H) *1 1,355 mm × 1,290 mm × 856 mm
(53.4 in × 50.8 in × 33.7 in)
Weight 135 kg (297.6 lb)
*1: The height(H) does not count the height of ink bottle. * Specifications, designs and dimensions stated in this catalogue may be subject to change without notice due to technical improvement etc.


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