NATRUE welcomes CERES Shanghai among the network of approved certifiers

POSTED: 29.11.2017

The use of natural and organic cosmetics has become a global trend also impacting the rapidly-developing Asian markets. It remains clear that while increased consumer awareness of the natural and organic cosmetic products benefits a prosperous outlook for this industry. Yet, consumers equally expect companies, and the labels they use, to address ethical issues related to the product and its ingredients such sustainability and animal testing as well.

As a leading organic certification body in China, CERES (Shanghai) Certification Co., Ltd. wants to promote the development of natural and organic cosmetics in China and beyond” states Mr Zong'an Liu, Director of Technical Department of CERES “After long time research, NATRUE was identified as the best partner to achieve that goal. The not for profit status of the association as well as the strictness of the standard have been crucial factor on that choice” continues Mr Zong'an Liu.

“NATRUE is delighted to welcome CERES Shanghai to our independent, international network of approved certifiers. We see this move as a positive and mutually beneficial one for both parties, companies and consumers alike. To protect and promote natural and organic cosmetics the vision of the NATRUE Label’s has always been global. Through continuously forging likeminded partnerships like this one, we continue to expand our global vision and uncovered international markets to allow consumers in those regions to have increased access to the high quality and authentic products they expect. As in all its activities, NATRUE warmly welcome all stakeholders to join us and be part of our collective mission and vision.”

CERES Shanghai provides an additional regional reference point for companies wishing to certify finished products and raw materials according to NATRUE, and with this recent accreditation the network of NATRUE Approved Certifiers becomes stronger and more international.

With 11 operational certification bodies, NATRUE can count on a broad network which is quite impressive for a single natural and organic cosmetic standard. Our seal is therefore a true beacon in the jungle of labels and our independent certification system is a way of ensuring transparency and high quality in certification activities” affirms Francesca Morgante Label and Communication Manager at NATRUE “No matter which is the certifier chosen by the company, consumers will only need to look for the NATRUE Label on packaging, and they will be guaranteed to purchase an authentic natural and organic cosmetic”

Currently certification to the international NATRUE standard is supported by the following independent control bodies worldwide:

A.NAT.CERT (Germany), Bio.Inspecta (Switzerland), BioAgricert (Italy), Biogro (New Zealand), CCPB (Italy), CERES (China), EcoControl (Germany), Ecogruppo Italia (Italy), IBD (Brazil), JAPAL (Japan) and SGS Institut Fresenius (Austria).