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The container’s additional footstep, the availability of three different wheel sizes and a special lid-in-lid option provide important ergonomic benefits. For example, the lid allows waste to be inserted from either side, meaning users and waste workers no longer need to turn these potentially heavy containers around.


Where further manoeuvrability is required – for example where space is restricted – the 240 PL is the only bin in this popular size to offer an optional third wheel. This makes turning on the spot effortless, while a brake ensures that the bin remains in place on steep slopes.


Equally important, a variety of small but very efficient marking solutions have increased the user-friendliness and accessibility of the container, particularly for the visually-impaired. Different kinds of marking clips enable communication between user and waste management provider. These can indicate the waste stream, show if the bin needs to be emptied, and on which day of the week collection is due. The clips can also be embossed with Braille or text, a technology which has already been successfully implemented in the Danish municipality of Silkeborg.


In addition, as with all its standard two- and four-wheel containers, ESE can produce the 240 PL standard bin from recycled plastics. This considerably reduces the container’s carbon footprint and saves resources.



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