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Sustainability has always been in the DNA of Gualapack. For a family company like Gualapack, the future of organization and long-term vision have always been more important than short-term results.

When in 2010 we created our vision of “growing sustainably, competing with the best”, we did not think that in a few years we would write a sustainability report: our intent was to emphasise that growth can be a goal only if sustainably achieved by looking at the future in the long-term.

For this reason, most of the activities reported here started long ago and over the years we have tried to improve our products, processes and relationship with all our stakeholders.

However, this is not enough. A company never takes a task and a goal seriously unless it can measure it, accept the challenges of improvement, and finally guide the whole organization towards such goals.

And this is why at the end of 2017, we decided it was time to change our approach and created the Gualapack Sustainability Committee with the clear goal of publishing the first report in 2019. At the same time, we have included “sustainability is our daily commitment” in our mission.

2018 was a year of study and work focused on 3 goals: spreading awareness of targets and activities, launching new initiatives and harmonising reporting methods and KPIs on the things we were already doing.

And here we are. With many things done and many more we will do. With a knowledge that every day improves what sustainability means and with more projects being started every day by all the companies in our group.

2018 was also a key year for the packaging industry, especially in Europe. In one year, 2 very important and ambitious documents were published by the European Commission.

The first one, the European Plastics Strategy, adopted in January 2018, will transform the way in which plastic products are designed, used, produced and recycled in the EU, while the Single Use Plastic Proposal published in May aims at reducing marine plastic litter and consequently will have a great impact on packaging in the EU.

Flexible plastic packaging helps preserve food all over the world, with a great contribution to reducing food waste and a positive global impact on LCA compared to its alternatives.

At the same time, its end of life creates global problems that are rapidly becoming very important - particularly marine litter – and we should be happy that Europe was the first to decide to adopt a strategy to solve them.

This is having a great impact on the industry, with many global consumer goods companies reviewing their packaging strategy towards a more circular economy.

I think Gualapack is ready to take on this challenge. In recent years, we have worked hard to develop solutions to drive our products towards sustainability, and we still have a lot in our innovation pipeline.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone for the work done to get here. But while the report looks at the past, I would like to look at the future as an ambitious journey that has just begun, always growing sustainably, competing with the best.




Gualapack is the world leader of pre-made spouted pouches and filling machinery and a key global player of the flexible packaging industry. To date, it operates with direct manufacturing sites in Western and Central Europe (4), Ukraine, Latin America (3), Mexico, a strategic partnership in the USA and through joint ventures in the Far East (2).


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