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Traditionally the use of PCR has tended to produce off-white containers. Now advances in both the reprocessing and manufacturing stages have allowed the introduction of a solution more in keeping with the premium nature of the market and consumer expectations.


Both the lid and outer layer of the Empress Light jar, which are manufactured in 95% PCR, can be specified in a range of PCR colours, ensuring that the sustainability benefits of the material are combined with a quality image and on-shelf appeal.   Equally important, the jar offers a sleek and stylish design with the dual-layer construction achieving a luxurious thick-walled effect that heightens the user experience while at the same being lightweight and easy to handle.


To complement the high-end nature of the jar, Berry Bramlage also offers a wide range of advanced decoration techniques to meet individual branding requirements.


The Empress Light with PCR colours is available in 50ml, 200ml, 250ml and 300ml sizes, making it ideal for family ranges.



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