Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit Europe

Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit Europe

London – The European edition of the Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit ( will showcase developments in green ingredients, packaging and marketing. Hosted in Paris on 6-7th November, the summit comprises two workshops and seminar sessions…

Reducing Packaging Impacts Workshop. Paul Jenkins, Founder of The Pack Hub, will discuss the sustainable packaging options for home care & cleaning product companies. Details will be given of the packaging materials that can replace single-use plastics for such products. Case studies will be given of brands that have adopted green packaging solutions.

Green & Biosurfactants Workshop. The move towards green chemicals is leading to considerable investment in green surfactants and biosurfactants. Dr. Pattanathu Rahman from the University of Portsmouth will give a workshop, highlighting the current and future use of these chemicals in detergents & cleaning products.

Metrics and Impacts. Sustainability metrics are increasingly used to measure and lower the environmental footprint of consumer products. An update will be given on how life-cycle analysis is being used to measure the impact of detergents & home care products. Other speakers will cover climate-neutral cleaning products, and how to move towards zero waste manufacturing sites.

Future of Sustainable Laundry. Kyle C Grant, Founder of OxWash, will give insights into how his pioneering firm is disrupting the laundry sector. It operates a bicycle laundry service in Oxford (UK), using renewable energy and biodegradable detergents. It has partnered with AirBnB and Deliveroo to provide a digital delivery service.

Microplastics in Laundry. Millions of microplastic fibres are released into waterways with each laundry wash containing synthetic materials like polyester, nylon, and acrylic. Maria Westerbos from the Plastic Soup Foundation will explain how changes in detergents and washing conditions can minimise the release of microplastics.

Marketing Case Studies. Michelle Barthole from Unilever will give a seminar on its Love, Home and Planet brand. Launched earlier this year, the laundry & surface cleaning products are made from plant-based ingredients and have sustainable packaging. Another case study will be given of a pioneering natural home care brand that has biodegradable formulations.

Consumers Environmental Concerns. Climate change is the top environmental concern among consumers, followed by plastic waste, according to Kantar Worldpanel research. Natalie Babbage will share the agency’s latest consumer research on environmental concerns. Marketing guidance will be given to home care & detergent brands looking to target the environmental (Eco) consumer.

About the Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit

The aim of the Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit is to advance sustainability in the cleaning products industry by debating key issues in a high-level forum. The sixth edition of this international series will be hosted at the Paris Marriott Champs-Elysées on 6-7th November 2019. More information is available from


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