TOKYO PACK 2018: Let's create packaging for all our tomorrows

August 2018

•   6,5000 – 7,0000 individual registrations
•    up to 200,000 total footfall
•    free admission for pre-registered visitors
•    international speakers from Japan, Sweden, the Netherlands and Thailand
•    featuring Asia Packaging Federation Golden Jubilee & AsiaStar Awards Night

WorldPressOnline - Asia's premier international packaging technology, materials and design show TOKYO PACK returns to Tokyo Big Sight International Exhibition Center from Tuesday, 2 October to Friday, 5 October, and the theme is, “Let's create packaging for all our tomorrows”. The two-yearly event is commercially significant for companies, providing a high profile platform to reach big new audiences, meet important customers, and unveil genuine innovations and game-changers which are kept tightly under wraps until the exciting opening day. For the many thousands of visitors ready to invest in making their businesses more competitive, it is a chance to thoroughly inspect latest developments and talk with experts before finalizing deals. This year's seminar series will cover eco-design trends and packaging initiatives that are making headlines around the world, and much more - valuable insights to soak up while resting tired feet. Key presentations will be given in Japanese and English.

For TOKYO PACK 2018 Japanese exhibitors will be joined by overseas contingents from China, Taiwan and Korea whose aim is to impress the world's most demanding brand owners and end-consumers with high standards of product design and manufacture.

Visitors can expect some important 'firsts' and new launches that reflect a revolution in manufacturing methods and which address critical societal and environmental issues. Key themes will be the factory floor of the future designed around automated processes and robotics; accessible design solutions relevant to an aging population; packaging technologies to help food supply chains withstand increased threat of disruption due to the effects of global climate change. All are realities for Japan today and for decades to come.

Japan puts the needs of the environment at the heart of packaging design. It is recognized as a trailblazer in sustainable production and waste management methods, resource recycling and creating strong markets for recyclates as part of a nationally supported packaging Circular Economy. Following Japan's example, Europe has recently announced its ambitions to build its own version of a Circular Economy. Retail brands and suppliers will be on the look-out for leads on new systems and technologies that will bring wins for people, planet, and the corporate reputation and financial bottom line.

A busy programme of parallel events includes AsiaStar Awards Night, celebrating the winners of Asia's packaging 'oscars' that go on to compete for 2019 WorldStar awards.
TOKYO PACK 2018 has the privilege of hosting the occasion in the Golden Jubilee year of the Asia Packaging Federation, which runs the AsiaStar contest. Founded in Tokyo by the Japan Packaging Institute in 1967, the APF will mark its special anniversary by leading a Seminar Day focused on future challenges for Asian packaging up to 2030 and beyond.

The 2018 WorldStar competition saw Japan become the most-awarded country with 26 in total - ahead of India's 24 and China's 14. Japan's successes can be viewed with a full list of winners at

TOKYO PACK 2018 will display 2018 JapanStar award-winners that will be entered for the 2019 WorldStars. Recipients of Japan's 2018 Good Packaging Awards will also be on view. This annual national competition for recently commercialized products recognizes the industry's continued improvement in eco-friendly design, accessibility and usability, material use, on-shelf impact, shelf life and more.

Japan Packaging Institute has further cemented the show's international status by actively promoting TOKYO PACK 2018 throughout Europe and the Americas over the past two years. This has greatly boosted overseas participation, notably from the largest resin producer in the Americas, and more countries than ever before in the show's 50-year history will be represented. It is hoped and expected that initial conversations in Tokyo will blossom into global business collaborations and cross-cultural projects that produce better packaging design that is kinder to the environment. Conserving more of the Earth's natural resources, preserving healthy eco-systems and reaching for higher standards of air and water quality are at the heart of the show's message to the packaging industry: create packaging that protects what is valuable to future generations of people and all living creatures.

Japan's close connections today with Swedish industry and academia is an example of how mutually beneficial ties can develop between friends and supporters of TOKYO PACK. In this case, two densely-forested nations have created thriving economies based on sustainably produced forest products and are interested in each other's commercial successes and research projects. Visitors need to sign up to attend the popular Swedish packaging technology seminar which this year discusses future uses of naturally-sourced PLA (polylactic acid) in paper, application opportunities for moulded pulp, and developments in reinforced paper packaging, moisture resistant paper bags and communicative packaging concepts that offers solutions to food wastage in the supply chain.

TOKYO PACK 2018 is especially pleased to welcome the iconic international brand IKEA to the seminar stage, to describe the 'democratic design' concept that defines Sweden's future-looking furniture and homewares business and the importance of recyclable packaging in its global development. IKEA packaging development manager Allan Dickner will reveal the positives for a brand and the planet when packaging choices consider the whole product lifecycle, local waste management systems, environmental impact and human factors.

Today's packaging producers and users have a responsibility to look after the planet for future generations. This central message of TOKYO PACK 2018 will be underlined by Michael Nieuwesteeg, managing director of the Netherlands Packaging Centre. He will introduce a European industry collaboration called PUMA (Packaging Upcyclable Materials Accelerator) whose mission is to end packaging that puts unnecessary stress on the environment.

Driven by a global, human-oriented vision of the future, the largest resin producer in the Americas Braskem is exhibiting at TOKYO PACK for the first time. The focus will be on bio-based I'm Green polyethylene and EVA resins, which Braskem alone produces. Both resins are recyclable and made from renewable and sustainably sourced sugarcane that claims a negative carbon footprint during cultivation. Braskem exports to some 100 countries and employs 8,000 staff.

Look out for the growing relevance of automation and robotics
The Kawada Robotics Nextage 'humanoid' robot is designed to ensure safety at manufacturing sites and improve productivity in the cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food sectors. A demonstration of the latest model in the company's NXA series will aim to show its wide scope of use in packaging and packing and how it might help ease the problem of labour shortages in Japan and around the world.

ABB Robotics and Motion Division will introduce the Standing Pouch Casing Unit as a new domestic standard all-in-one package unit that resolves a bulging issue in an automated liquid filling process in categories such as food condiments, cosmetics and toiletries, and also refill pouches for shampoos, hair conditioners and detergents.

Automated Packaging Systems (APS) will exhibit a compact tabletop packaging machine for workplaces where “introducing large-scale equipment is not feasible but manual work is inefficient”. Model PS125/PS125OS offers thermal ribbon in black, blue, red, green, orange and purple with additional colours available. The Autobag 500/550 is suitable for automated processes connected to conveyors, counters and robot arms.

See what's new in pack design

Tokyo Foods Machinery's new modified atmosphere packaging technology for use with a Multivac tray sealer, replaces the film that conventionally seals a tray with a three-dimensional, shaped lid, which is heat-sealable and offers a shelf life up to five times longer.

A machine that adheres high-stretch film to corrugated board by using tension control and heat alone, will be unveiled by Takeda Industry and targets low-volume users.

A new three-step pouch filling process by Nakajima Metal Leaf, Powder Company makes it possible to combine skin care products such as cleansing lotion, face mask, moisturising cream in one single-use package. The 'total skin care pack' ensures users apply optimal amounts of product in the recommended order to achieve the best results. It is convenient for travellers and new product promotions says the developer.

Get help to expand
Inspection, verification, testing and certification specialist SGS Japan, part of a worldwide group, will be on hand to discuss how it supports companies in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors to develop their global business by helping them comply with consumer safety and sustainability laws and regulations of each country and jurisdiction, and local rules for packaging waste disposal and recycling.

You don't speak Japanese?

Don't worry. Most exhibition booths will have English speakers ready to assist overseas visitors, identifiable by special arm-bands. In addition, a free interpreter service will be offered with limited time-slots bookable in advance through the Secretariat.

The show that promises to surprise, delight, impress and astonish is on its way. Come join us at to create packaging for all our tomorrows!

About TOKYO PACK 2016
> 669 exhibitors were mostly Japan Packaging Institute members
> 162 exhibiting companies came from 15 other countries and regions: Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Sweden, UK, France, USA, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Indonesia, China, Korea and Taiwan
> a total of 184,677 participants (including exhibitors) passed through the gates of Tokyo Big Sight over all four days
> a total of 62,171 visitors pre-registered
> 3,483 overseas visitors pre-registered

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