Tower Products Earns FOGRA Approval for MILLENNIUM 5000

April 12, 2018  

Sue McGraw   


(Easton, PA) Tower Products, Inc., a leading manufacturer of environmentally sensitive pressroom chemistry has obtained a FOGRA Approval for MILLENNIUM 5000, an advanced one step fountain solution for use on high speed sheet-fed presses. This product is yet another Tower technology solution helping printers produce outstanding work for their customers, while complying with press manufacturers stringent directives.

MILLENNIUM 5000, unlike other FOGRA Approved fountain solutions, was formulated with North American market production dynamics in mind. It is a single step product that can be used on presses running up to 18,000 impressions per hour and it performs well with both paper and non-porous substrates. The product features an outstanding higher pH buffering system and has the ability to give the pressman a much faster and cleaner roll up, preventing excess substrate waste. When used in the HUV, LED UV environment, the solution does not interfere with drying.

MILLENNIUM 5000, as well as other Tower pressroom chemical products, are only available through authorized Tower dealers. For more information, please contact Sue McGraw at 800.527.8626 or visit our website at