14 Best Jobs For 13-Year-Olds

In this blog post, we will unveil the 14 best jobs for 13-year-olds that cater to various interests and skill levels.

If you’re 13 years old and eager to start earning some money, congratulations – you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we will unveil the 14 best jobs for 13-year-olds that cater to various interests and skill levels.

These opportunities are not only a fantastic way for young people like yourself to gain valuable experience but also a chance for you to develop essential life skills such as responsibility, time management, and financial awareness.

So without further ado, let’s dive into our top picks of part-time jobs that will kick-start your journey toward independence and success.

Key Takeaways

  • Introducing the concept of work to 13-year-olds plays a pivotal role in nurturing their independence and helping them develop valuable life skills such as responsibility, time management, financial awareness, and interpersonal communication skills.
  • The top five best jobs for 13-year-olds that don’t require experience include dog walking and pet sitting, yard work and lawn mowing, babysitting, paper delivery, and car washing. These jobs are not only great opportunities to earn some extra cash but also help young individuals showcase their abilities whilst building self-confidence early on in life.
  • For teenagers looking to take their skills up a notch considering job roles that require some prior experience could include tutoring or working as sales assistants in retail stores while more adventurous options may be available like working at summer camps to gain invaluable leadership experience. 
  • Doing odd jobs for neighbors or family members is another flexible option that can teach important values like responsibility, independence, and money management skills.

Why It’s Important For 13-Year-Olds To Work

Introducing the concept of work to a 13-year-old plays an essential role in nurturing their independence and helping them develop valuable life skills. 

For instance, working part-time gigs or summer jobs teach teenagers about responsibility as they learn to balance their schoolwork, extracurricular activities, and social lives with their job commitments.

In addition to fostering responsibility, these early working experiences can enhance time-management skills and financial literacy among young teens.

By earning their money through various jobs such as lawn care or house cleaning, 13-year-olds gain an appreciation for budgeting and saving up for personal wants or future goals.

Moreover, having a job at this age provides youths with opportunities to improve interpersonal communication skills – critical factors when interacting with diverse people later in professional environments.

From retail jobs requiring customer service interactions to tutoring younger students who need academic guidance, these positions allow teenagers not just greater self-confidence but also invaluable insights into teamwork and leadership roles.

Top 5 Best Jobs For 13-Year-Olds That Don’t Require Experience

Dog walking and pet sitting, yard work and lawn mowing, babysitting, paper delivery, and car washing are just a few of the top 5 best jobs for 13-year-olds that don’t require experience.

1. Dog Walking And Pet Sitting

Dog Walking And Pet Sitting

Dog walking and pet sitting are ideal job opportunities for 13-year-olds looking to earn some extra cash while developing a sense of responsibility.

Not only do these roles provide the flexibility to work around school schedules, but they also allow teenagers to enjoy spending time with animals in their spare time.

To get started in this field, reach out to neighbors, family friends, or local community members who may require help with their pets. You can create flyers or even set up a social media page showcasing your services as well-designed visuals will make you stand out among competitors.

Word-of-mouth recommendations from satisfied clients will further boost your reputation as a reliable dog walker and pet sitter, making it easier for you to find more jobs within the area.

2. Yard Work And Lawn Mowing

Yard Work And Lawn Mowing

If you enjoy spending time outdoors and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, yard work and lawn mowing are excellent job options for 13-year-olds.

To get started in this line of work put together a list of local households that may need assistance with their gardens or lawns. You can offer services like trimming hedges, raking leaves, weeding flower beds, or mowing lawns.

To demonstrate your commitment to quality workmanship, invest in some basic gardening tools – a sturdy rake and a reliable lawnmower should suffice initially.

Spread the word about your services through family members or friends living nearby.

3. Babysitting


Babysitting is a classic job for teenagers and an excellent way to earn money while gaining valuable experience in childcare. As a babysitter, your responsibilities include entertaining children, preparing meals, helping with homework, and putting them to bed.

To succeed as a babysitter, you must be patient, responsible, and have good communication skills. To find babysitting jobs in your area, start by asking friends or family members if they know anyone who needs help with childcare.

You can also post flyers or advertise online on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Before taking on any job as a babysitter, make sure that you understand the hours of work required and agree on payment upfront with the parents.

4. Paper Delivery

Paper Delivery

One of the best jobs for 13-year-olds that does not require any experience is paper delivery. This job entails delivering newspapers to homes in your local area early in the morning or after school hours.

To get started with paper delivery, you can approach your local newspaper company, and they may have openings for this position. Alternatively, you could check online on job boards or classifieds websites for opportunities.

Once hired, you’ll need to ensure that all papers are delivered accurately and on time while maintaining good customer service skills.

5. Car Washing

Car Washing

If you enjoy spending time outdoors and have an eye for detail, car washing can be a great job for 13-year-olds. The good news is that it doesn’t require any prior experience, and it’s something that people are always in need of.

You can offer your services to neighbors or family members who need their cars washed, or you could even advertise your services on social media or community message boards.

All you’ll need is some basic cleaning supplies like soap, sponges, and towels.

By offering car-washing services at reasonable rates, you can earn some extra pocket money while providing a valuable service to others.

Jobs For 13-Year-Olds That Require Some Experience

Looking to take your skills up a notch? Consider these opportunities that require some prior experience, such as working as a Sales Assistant in Retail Stores, tutoring, or even photography.

● Working As A Sales Assistant In Retail Stores

If you’re a 13-year-old looking for a job that is both fun and rewarding, working as a sales assistant in retail stores might be the perfect fit. This type of job allows you to interact with customers, learn new skills, and earn some money while doing it.

One great thing about this type of job is that many retailers are flexible when it comes to scheduling. You may only be able to work after school or on weekends due to your age restrictions.

However, most retailers have busy periods during holiday seasons like Christmas or Easter when they require extra help.

● Tutoring

Tutoring can be a very rewarding job for 13-year-olds who are knowledgeable in certain subjects. To start tutoring, you will need to identify the subjects you excel and feel confident teaching others.

For instance, if you are good at Mathematics or Science, you might consider helping younger students struggling with their homework in these subjects.

One great advantage of tutoring is that it helps you build your own knowledge base even further by sharpening your understanding of the subject matter as well as different learning methods and styles.

Moreover, tutoring can enable you to develop essential life skills such as effective communication, problem-solving abilities, time management skills, and empathy toward others’ needs.

● Working At A Summer Camp

Are you looking for a fun job during your summer break? Working at a summer camp can be an excellent option for 13-year-olds who enjoy spending time outdoors and working with kids.

You’ll have the chance to develop leadership and teamwork skills. as you assist counselors with activities, games, and meals.

Summer camps offer a variety of roles that are suitable for teenagers. including junior counselor or activity assistant positions.

Besides earning money, this kind of work also provides you with opportunities to socialize and make new friends while gaining valuable experience in childcare.

● Doing Odd Jobs For Neighbors And Family Members

One great way for 13-year-olds to make money is by doing odd jobs for neighbors and family members. This can include tasks such as mowing lawns, cleaning gutters, painting fences or walls, walking dogs, and even running errands.

The benefit of this type of work is that it’s flexible and can be done on your own time.

To get started with odd jobs, talk to your friends and family to see if anyone needs help around their home or business. You can also post flyers in your neighborhood advertising your services or create a social media page highlighting what you offer.

Remember to always negotiate payment before starting any job and keep track of all the hours you work to ensure that you are fairly compensated.

● Photography

If you have a passion for capturing moments through the lens of a camera, photography could be the perfect job for you as a 13-year-old. While it may require some investment in equipment, such as a DSLR and editing software, there are various ways to make money with your photos.

You can offer your services to take portraits or family photos for people in your community or even sell them on stock photography sites like Shutterstock or Getty Images.

To gain experience and improve your skills, consider joining a local photography club or taking online courses. These opportunities can help you build connections with other photographers and potential clients and provide valuable feedback on your work.

Best Jobs For 13-Year-Olds That Allow For Creative Expression

If you’re a 13-year-old looking for a job that allows you to express your creativity, then this section is perfect for you. From starting your own YouTube channel or blog to freelance writing and graphic design, there are plenty of opportunities out there.

● Starting A YouTube Channel Or Blog

Another great option for 13-year-olds looking to earn some extra cash is by starting a YouTube channel or blog. This is an excellent job that allows you to showcase your creativity and skills while also earning money from ads and sponsorships.

If you are interested in blogging or vlogging, it’s essential to find a niche that interests you the most. For example, if you love fashion and beauty products, consider creating content centered around this theme.

You can review different products such as makeup items or clothing outfits on your channel/blog. Creating valuable content consistently would attract viewership which eventually leads to monetization when your audience grows large enough.

● Freelance Writing Or Graphic Designing

If you have a passion for writing or graphic design, freelance work may be the perfect job for you. As a freelancer, you can choose to work on projects that interest you and set your own schedule.

To get started in freelance writing, consider creating a portfolio of your best work and reaching out to potential clients through social media or online platforms such as Upwork or Freelancer.

There are also many resources available online for learning new skills and improving your craft. By honing your abilities as a writer or designer, you can increase your earning potential and build a valuable experience that will help you throughout your career.

● Performing As A Musician Or Street Performer

If you’re a music lover, performing as a musician or street performer can be an exciting and lucrative option for a 13-year-old looking to make some extra cash.

Whether you play an instrument, sing, or dance – there are plenty of opportunities to showcase your talent in local parks and public spaces.

While it may seem daunting at first to perform in front of strangers, remember that many famous musicians got their start by busking on the streets. Not only will it give you valuable experience playing in front of live audiences, but it can also be a great way to connect with other musicians in your area.

● Social Media Management

If you’re a 13-year-old with a knack for social media, then managing social media accounts for businesses and individuals could be a great job for you.

Social media management involves creating content, scheduling posts, responding to messages and comments, and analyzing engagement metrics.

To get started in social media management, begin by practicing on your own personal accounts. Show potential clients examples of your work and build up a portfolio.

You can also search job boards or reach out to small businesses in your area that may need help with their social media presence.

● Creating And Running A Small Business

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, creating and running a small business can be a great way to earn money and gain valuable experience.

This could involve starting your own cupcake-baking service, making jewelry or crafts to sell online, or setting up a car washing business in your area.

To get started with your small business venture, consider what interests or talents you already have that could be turned into a profitable idea.

You may need some initial funding depending on the type of business you wish to start – perhaps saving up some money from other jobs first or even using crowd-funding platforms like Kickstarter.

From there, it’s all about putting in hard work and utilizing free resources available online to promote your brand.

Legal Considerations And How To Find Jobs For 13-Year-Olds

Before diving into job hunting, make sure you check the legal working age and restrictions for your area and obtain necessary work permits and parent/guardian permission.

● Checking The Legal Working Age And Restrictions In Your Area

Before you start looking for a job, it’s important to know the legal working age and restrictions in your area. In most countries, including the UK, 13-year-olds are not allowed to work full-time or during school hours.

However, there are some exceptions for part-time work and certain types of jobs such as babysitting or delivering newspapers.

It’s important to check with your local council or government agency to find out what the rules are in your area. You may also need a work permit and parent or guardian permission before you can start working legally.

Make sure you understand the minimum wage requirements for your age group and any other restrictions on the number of hours you can work per day or week.

● Obtaining Necessary Work Permits And Parent/guardian Permission

Before you start looking for jobs, it’s important to know about the legal requirements for working as a 13-year-old. In most countries, there are restrictions on the types of jobs and number of hours you can work at such a young age.

You might need to obtain a work permit from your school or local government office, which would usually require parental/guardian permission.

It’s essential that you have this approval before starting any job as an underage worker. Additionally, some employers may ask for proof of your eligibility and authorization to work in their organization.

So make sure you have all the necessary documents prepared beforehand.

● How To Find Jobs For 13-year-olds

Finding a job at the age of 13 can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. Here are some tips on how to find jobs for 13-year-olds:

  • Spread the word amongst friends and family: Let your family, friends, and neighbors know that you’re interested in finding work. They may have connections or know someone who is looking for help.
  • Check online job boards: Websites like Indeed or Monster may list jobs that are suitable for teenagers. Make sure to check the minimum age requirement before applying.
  • Ask local businesses: Some local stores, restaurants, and cafes may hire teenagers for part-time or weekend work. Visit these places in person and ask if they have any open positions.
  • Look for seasonal opportunities: During holidays like Christmas or Easter, many stores need extra help with gift wrapping or stocking shelves. Keep an eye out for these types of temporary jobs.
  • Create your own opportunity: Use your skills and interests to create your own small business. For example, you could offer lawn mowing services in your neighborhood or sell homemade jewelry online.

Remember to always check the legal requirements and restrictions in your area before starting any job at 13 years old. Good luck with your job search.

● Legal Requirements For Minimum Wage And Work Restrictions

13-year-olds are subject to certain legal restrictions when it comes to working. One of the most important is minimum wage laws, which ensure that everyone who works receives a fair wage for their efforts.

Unfortunately, 13-year-olds are often paid below the national minimum wage because they may not have as much experience or be doing more basic tasks than older workers.

In addition to minimum wage laws, there may also be limits on how many hours a week you can work, and what times of day you’re allowed to work.

For example, under federal law in the US, 14- and 15-year-olds may only work outside school hours; however, in some states like Texas some permissible jobs could require school hour works with limitations in place.

These restrictions exist to protect young people from being overworked or exploited by employers.


There are many great job opportunities for 13-year-olds to gain valuable work experience and earn some extra cash. From dog walking and lawn mowing to retail sales assistant or creative jobs like starting a YouTube channel, the possibilities are endless.

It’s important to make sure that you comply with legal working age requirements and obtain necessary permits before seeking employment. Whether it’s a part-time summer job or an after-school gig, these jobs can provide valuable skills and help prepare you for future career paths.

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