Top 5 Best Way To Make Money Blogging Online

This article includes top methods to make money with a blog. Let’s Start Best Way To Make Money Blogging Online – Top 5 Best Methods!

This is the topic that is an all-time favorite for all newbies and the ones who want to start a blog and make money with that blog. Trust me it is an interesting topic with top methods to make money with a blog or website.

In my previous guides, I talked about how to start a blog and in that article, I shared all the basic and important steps about starting your own blog. So now today I start a new guide where you will learn the Best Way To Make Money Blogging Online.

This is the most searchable topic on search engines because mostly all the newbies and beginners want to start his/her own blog and make money with that blog. But the main question is how much newbies know real methods to make money.

If you are a newbie or recently start your own blog and finding the best methods to earn money with your blog or Start A Freelancing Business this article is for you because this article includes top methods to make money with a blog.

Let’s Start Best Way To Make Money Blogging Online With A Blog – Top 5 Best Methods

1. Monetize Blog With Google Adsense

Monetize Blog With Google Adsense

Google Adsense Method This is the most successful, powerful, and usable platform in the world to make money with ads. It is a Google Advertisement Platform called “Adsense”.

For Adsense Account, you need approval from Google Adsense Team and for that approval, you will have to submit your blog on their official website

At the time of submitting their form, they will ask for several things like Name, Address Blog URL, etc. In the below section, you will find steps to apply for a Google Adsense Account.

Steps Description:

In the First Step – Sign Up with Your Real and Professional Gmail ID.

In the Second Step – Enter Your Blog or Website URL like this (

In the Third Step – Fill Each And Every Field With Your Real Contact Information.

Note: Enter your Name and Address according to your Identity Card and Bank Passbook.

Google Adsense Team will check your application manually so submit it carefully if your application fulfills all policies then you will get a Congrats Mail from Google Adsense Team.

2. Paid Reviews

Paid Reviews

I assume that you start your blogging journey and in the past, you find out some popular blogs where the author of that blog reviews some products like (Keyword Planner Tool, SEO Optimizing Tools, etc.).

Most of the reviews are paid reviews, the companies pay huge amounts to popular bloggers for writing the best and most positive reviews about their products.

So you can also try this method when your blog will get great goodwill and for that, you can contact the company and pitch them for their product review with your popular blog and once they like your style to promote products then your income will never end.

Note: If you want success in this method then you should be genuine with your visitors because they are everything to your blog (more than money). I tell you how, if you want to recommend any type of product to your visitors then you should try that particular product for yourself, and if that product will be helpful for you then you can proudly recommend that product to your visitors. Mark my words the visitors are the main key to your success and if you will not be genuine with them then your future becomes darker day by day. So, be genuine and make yourself brighter in this world.

3. Affiliate Programs Marketing

Affiliate Programs Marketing

Affiliate is the most popular method in the blogging world, most of the successful and popular bloggers are making money with that method.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

In this method, you promote the other companies products on your website or blog or you can also promote other blogger’s tools on your blog because they also give you 10-50% of commission on every sale made by you and when you sell companies products you will get 10-80% commission on every sale.

● How It Works:

In this method, firstly you have to join the companies affiliate marketing programs and then they will provide you a unique ID when you sell any product with that particular ID then the company will track that this sale was made by you and then you will get your commission or you can say reward ($MONEY$) transfer to your affiliate account.

● How Others Make Money:

As you read above 2nd method is paid reviews, so if you want to sell any product to your audience then you have to write a unique, real, and positive review about that product.

Popular bloggers follow this method to make huge money, they use that particular product for themselves and after that, they know what positive things they can present in front of their audience because they have goodwill in front of their audience they sell products and make huge money.

It is as simple as that the more audience you have the more sales you will generate.

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4. Direct Banner Advertisement

There is no doubt that the Google Adsense program is best for all types of blogs but you will find out that this advertisement network has limitations.

If you want to try direct advertisement on your blog, then try BuySellAds. This is one of the most popular platforms for direct advertisement.

5. Sell Your Own Services

Everyone has a talent and it may be possible that you are best in your talent so why don’t you sell your talent as services to others if you give something unique to others then there are lots of buyers in the market who will buy your services easily and you can make a good amount of money.

Once you build your blog popular and you have a good community then you can sell the services like (Logo making, SEO Plugins, Software, Web Development or Video development, and many more.) on your blog.

Final Words:

I hope my methods would helpful for you and you will start making money, I’ll make sure I will add some more methods in the future.

Share this guide with your friends so they also get help from you.

If you have any type of method which is good for monetizing the blogs then please share it with us in the comment section below.

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