10 Best Online Writing Tools for Students

Writing has always been an interesting activity and one of the most demanding careers of these days. For a perfectly written piece, it is necessary to follow all the writing guidelines necessary while writing any kind of content. Following structured writing, the pattern is the best way to make your writing impeccable. Many of you may look for online writing tools for writers and editing to help you out in your writing assignments, right?

So, here we will see “what are the best writing tools for students and writers” to make their writing flawless and free from multiple writing errors. 

What are the tools of writing and Why writing tools are important?

We all know that Microsoft Word is a standard writing tool and is in use by almost everyone across the world. Everyone has gained mastery in MS word till now. So, we will not discuss this tool here. The world has advanced a lot and so is the writing industry hence there are several new online writing tools for writing and editing such as Grammarly, ProWritingAid, Whitesmoke, and many more. We will see them all in detail.

Writing skill is not only something to achieve the intention of writing about a particular topic, but flawless writing is as important as covering all the facts in writing. Upright writing skills are also important for higher education or at the workplace where you can communicate through writing clearly. Those who want to achieve perfect writing in their academics or at the workplace must use online writing tools for writing or online writing tools for editing with multiple features to make their content finer.

Best Writing Tools For Students & Writers

Let’s see the top ten online writing tools for writing and editing.

1. Grammarly

The list of best writing tools for writers is incomplete without Grammarly. Grammarly is one of the most reliable online writing tools for writing by many writers and students for their everyday writing tasks. It is more than just a grammar and spelling checker. It offers detailed writing guidelines that even include tones, audience selection, and your intention of writing the content. You can use Grammarly either as an online writing tool for editing or can also use as an extension for your browser for free.


Grammarly is a free tool with many features but if you will use its advanced features such as deep writing feedback and editing tips, plagiarism, writing style, and enhanced vocabulary then you must switch to its paid version which is Grammarly premium. The premium version provides you with a detailed analysis of the content and every small bit of sentence is checked and corrected.  

2. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is again the most used online best writing tool for writers. You can experience better writing in less time, including improved content, free from grammar, and spelling mistakes. It also helps you to improve readability, it also helps to improve your writing style, and gives you a complete writing report and guide to enhance the content. It helps you to identify repetitiveness, vague wording, sentence length, and complicated sentences.

If you are looking for basic necessary editing in your content, then ProWritingAid is the best writing tool for students. If you are a professional writer and looking out for a more precise writing guide, then ProWritingAid is one of the good writing tools for writers when you use its paid version. The paid version includes the plagiarism checker feature, which is necessary for professional writers. They have a good lifetime package that includes a one-time payment and all further updates of the writing tool.  

3. WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke is considered a fully integrated best-writing tool for writers. It can detect many undetected errors in writing. This is one of the online writing tools for editing that has the prime quality of proofreading. It not only concentrates on correcting spelling mistakes but also helps in correcting grammar mistakes, punctuation, improved word choices, and writing styles. This is one of the popular online writing tools for students. You can get the most tailored content for your academic needs. Its natural language processing technology uses patented AI and algorithms to analyze text, which makes it one of the most reliable writing tools for students.

If we talk about pricing, its basic paid version provides features like translation, grammar, and plagiarism checker. If you require more advanced features like One-click instant proofreading, integration with all writing platforms, and extended download warranty then you must go for further premium and business paid packages available with WhiteSmoke.

4. Evernote.com

Evernote is one of the easiest to use and good online content writing tools for students and professionals. It helps you to take notes and share them with anyone anytime. This is ideal for short-length content writing. This is a single place for taking notes, note down ideas, lists, and reminders. The best features of Evernote are Web-clipper, multi-device synchronization, search handwriting, document scanning, and pdf & document search. This is the easiest online writing tool for writers to stay focused and get the work done. It also helps you to organize your ideas and put them into the content.  

5. Wordcounter.io

Word counter is a basic online writing tool for students but can also be used by writers for minor tasks. This online writing tool for students can count words, check grammar, and help you to improve your writing skills with some writing suggestions. Wordcounter is best for academic work or writing essays and can find out common writing mistakes while writing essays. Hence, this is one of the best writing tools for students. It has good grammar tips to go through before writing your content. It is a free online writing tool for writing and editing. It’s a few important features that make it more useful.

6. Quetext.com

Quetext is one of the most reliable online best-writing tools for writers. Its accuracy in correcting grammar mistakes and finding other writing errors makes it more professional than online writing tools. Its paid plagiarism report feature is quietly accurate and allows you to make your content more original. This helps you to rank the content in the Google search.

This online writing tool for editing uses deep search technology that includes contextual analysis, fuzzy matching, and conditional scoring. The free version helps you to check limited text, but the paid version has multiple features that include citation help, originality report, interactive snipping text, plagiarism comparison, etc.

7. Quillpad.org

The next best online writing tool on our list is Quillpad.org. This is one of the best online writing tools for students. Easy to use and can mainly be useful to write stories and essays. This tool also helps you with informative writing and explanatory writing. When you look at the features provided by Quillpad, you mostly see academic writing hence if anyone is looking out for online writing tools for writing then Quillpad is the best choice. You can make your writing easy and fun with Quillpad. Students can use this online writing tool to improve their writing skills.

8. Plagiarismcheck.org

Writing content has become so easy with plagiarismcheck.org. It is one of the most well-known online writing tools for writers and is almost used by over 77k+ users. The features like advanced algorithms, seamless integration, interactive results, downloadable reports, and strict confidentiality make it a more reliable writing tool in the writing industry. Not only writing but checking plagiarism is a more helpful feature of this tool, which is achieved in a precise manner. It is a paid online writing tool for writers and students. This online writing tool for students’ pricing is available in three packages viz, basic, advanced, and pro with unique features included.

9. Hemingwayapp.com

Hemingway is another online writing tool that is easy and with all the basic features included. The tool helps you to understand the readability score of your content. It gives word count and corrects or guides on writing a better grammatically correct sentence. This online writing tool for writers guides you to write a simpler and easy-to-understand sentence. It has both writing and editing option which can be achieved with just one click. The formatting feature is good as you can choose a quote; heading one and two options along with many other formatting and error-checking features.

10. GoogleDocs

The most used and one of the easy to use online best writing tools for writers is Google Docs. Many people in the writing industry use Google docs as you can create the most impactful documents with Google Docs. Writing, editing, and collaborating wherever you are, are the best plus of Google docs. With Google Docs you can create documents, excel sheets, slides, and forms. Its smart editing and styling tools help you easily format your text. The best thing is you also get multiple templates that help you get your work done swiftly. The best thing about the writing tool is, it is free.


After going through the above list of online best writing tools for writers we can see that we have a variety of online writing tools for writing and several online writing tools for editing that makes our writing tasks easier and help us achieve the perfectly written piece of content. If you are a professional writer, we would recommend you choose online writing tools that are equipped with all the necessary features like checking grammar, punctuation, plagiarism, repetition of words, vocabulary suggestions, and much more.  

From our editor’s point of view, we would like to recommend you Grammarly, ProWritingAid, Whitesmoke, plagiarism check, and Google docs if you are a professional writer. On the other side, if you are a student and looking out for writing assistance then we would like to recommend you, Evernote, Quillpad, Quetext, and Google Docs. So overall you may have got an idea about what are the best writing tools for writers and students.

We recommend you always use the best online writing tools for writing and editing to improve your writing to a more precise level. Students and professionals should also use online writing tools for writing to communicate in a more defined way.

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