How to Write an Essay About Yourself

How to Write an Essay About Yourself - An essay about yourself is a typical assignment when one needs to apply for a scholarship.

Let’s be honest, we all know how to describe ourselves. We may tell one a story of our lives, and know better our advantages, and disadvantages than others, strange as it may sound. Yet, it is not the same thing when we should present our profile in the essay.

How to Write an essay about yourself is a typical assignment when one needs to apply for a scholarship. That’s where one starts creating an imaginative person.

You may think it is strange, however, you may also pay someone to write your essays when it comes to your biography. Still, let’s learn some fundamentals provided by experts from Custom Writings that will help you boost this writing skill alone.

Starting Writing Essay About Yourself 

First off, this type of essay is very similar to other papers. It means that there is an introduction, main body, and conclusion.

Yet, instead of using many sources, and creating a bibliography, you are the main hero. Some education establishments hint at possible topics for a personal essay. For instance,

  • Tell me about the biggest accomplishment in your life
  • Tell about your main failures, and how you managed to cope with them
  • Tell me about your culture – how is it different from others?
  • Why choose you over thousands of other applicants?

Otherwise, a college or university may give you complete freedom with only one task – impress them.

Typical requirements for a personal essay look the following:

  • It should be submitted in electronic format (Microsoft Word or PDF);
  • It should be no more than 2 pages;
  • It should be easy to read (reviewing committee yearly overlooks thousands of applications, and your hard-to-read essay might be remembered forever due to its complexity or poor structure);
  • Use double-spaced, Times New Roman, and standard font size – 11/12.

Okay, that’s standard. They may also look like this. Now, how to write it?

● Create an Outline

Most commonly, students frame all the possible characteristics of them with an outline. It is a raw draft where they gather all key information.

It may include one’s education, career goals, potential role in society, reasons why one chooses one, and any other valuable information that may potentially differentiate one from other candidates.

● Writing Introduction

The introduction is often considered the hardest to approach. That’s why many students proceed first with the body. Still, let’s do the introduction.

  • You have to shortly catch the reviewing committee’s attention. Put crudely, they should become interested in you as a candidate;
  • Don’t start with a trite sentence – My name is Marta, and I am applying to your college for a scholarship. That even sounds too obvious, and there might be hundreds of other essays started the same way. Make it more distinctive, for example, – My name is Marta Johnson, and I believe you look for me as a student. Sounds confident, right?
  • Briefly explain your main and career goal. Then, proceed with short personal storytelling that put you to choose one or another specialization. Remember, it all should be short since you have the main body to reveal the full plot.

● Writing Body

  • The main body usually consists of 2-3 paragraphs since the total length of a personal essay is a maximum of 2 pages;
  • You are given the freedom and chance to tell more about yourself. Mention your accomplishments alongside failures. However, ensure to mention how you coped with that failure. It will show the reviewing committee how you manage difficulties;
  • Be sincere and tell why exactly you need to get scholarship funds to pursue an education;
  • Experts recommend writing the main body by asking yourself some questions – Where have you been, and Where are you now? It is like a comparison of your past, and today’s yourself;
  • Don’t make this part too wordy. By writing an outline, you should indicate what events you will mention;
  • Don’t share all the negative events of your life. You’d better concentrate on your positive experience;
  • Mention your strengths and describe how they helped you in your life. For instance, you are confident. Explain to the committee where this feature helped you achieve your goal;
  • You may also mention your previous education, and what classes you took.

Writing Conclusion

  • This part is a perfect place to show your gratitude to the reviewing committee. Thank them for reading your essay or dedicating some time to it;
  • Repeat shortly how their scholarship funds will help you achieve your goals;
  • Mention how you may contribute to society after graduating from college or university;
  • Restate your thesis in the introduction.

Tips to Fix Your Final Draft

Now, when you are aware of the basic requirements and flow of a personal essay, you should spend qualitative time editing and proofreading.

Rewrite your essay Raw drafts may seem too long and possess much useless information. Delete all the wordy sentences;
Ask your friends or relatives to read your essay Have someone read your personal essay for you. They should give you sincere feedback, and agree/disagree with your description of yourself;
Work on mistakesEnsure there are no mistakes including grammar and spelling ones. Mind your punctuation. Your essay should be flawless;
Check it with plagiarism toolsThe reviewing committee checks all the essays with plagiarism tools. That’s why you should ensure it is 100% unique.

If you want to find good examples of personal essays, ensure to look for them on the websites that end with EDU. You may check an example of the scholarship essay.

Start gathering your willpower. You should possess enough time to dedicate to writing an essay about yourself. Don’t think about finishing it within 1 day. Remember that your scholarship depends on how you show yourself to the reviewing committee.

One mistake or a trite approach, and the funds will be gifted to other candidates, while you have to wait one more year to try again.

Either with writing agencies or your hard-working attitude, make your personal essay the best presentation of your persona. Yet, be always sincere.

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