How Do Bloggers Make Money Online?

If you want to know how bloggers make money and what strategy they follow, then you are at the right place. Check out the master strategy behind how do bloggers make money.

Do you enjoy blogging and would want to earn some extra money? Do you often think about how bloggers make money?

A low-cost business idea with the possibility to generate thousands of dollars every month is blogging.

This post explains how to monetize your blog using the same revenue sources utilized by seasoned bloggers who run their websites as full-time business.

Different Ways through Which Bloggers Make Money:

  • Bloggers make money through Ads
  • Bloggers make money through Affiliate Marketing
  • Bloggers make money through Sponsored Posts
  • Bloggers make money through Selling Products
  • Bloggers make money through different freelance services

Now let’s discuss How do bloggers make money through these mentioned ways in detail:

How do bloggers make money through Ads

Ads are perhaps the most well-known option for bloggers to monetize their sites. How does it function?

A blogger joins an ad network to add advertisements to their website. Targeted advertising is used by most ad networks. In other words, the advertisement varies according to who is viewing the blog, what is on the blog, and/or what the reader most recently viewed.

Paid Per Impression and Paid Per Click are the two primary methods which bloggers are compensated by ad networks.

Paid Per Impression – The viewer does not need to click the ad in order for the blogger to be compensated when using these advertisements. They get paid for each impression, or the number of times the advertisement is viewed. 

Paid Per Click – Every time a user clicks on the advertisement, the blogger is paid a small amount.

How do bloggers get paid through Ads?

The majority of the time, the ad network with which a blogger is affiliated provides the blogger with a monthly salary. On occasion, businesses will get in touch with a blogger directly to place an advertisement on their blog. In that situation, the company would work up a payment schedule and pay the blogger directly.

Monetizing with Ads:

New bloggers sometimes attempt to monetize their sites with advertisements but quickly give up when they only generate a few cents per month.

New bloggers struggle to monetize their sites through ads due to a lack of traffic. As a result, even though you can always add advertisements to your website, in reality, you won’t generate much money unless your site receives about 25,000 visitors each month.

It would be best for you to hold off on putting adverts to your website until you reach the 25,000 pageview threshold.

Important points to ponder while thinking about How do bloggers make money through ads:

You need traffic if you want to monetize with advertisements. a lot of traffic. How can you increase website traffic? Having high-quality content that readers truly want to read is the first step. Marketing that material comes next. One method of increasing blog visitors is using Pinterest.

Concentrate your efforts on marketing and creating spectacular content if you want to earn money from adverts. Before you reach the critical 25,000 pageviews and later, this will be your main emphasis in terms of earning money from adverts.

How do bloggers make money through Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, a blogger connects with a business and then advertises the goods or services of that business. A special URL to the business’s website is assigned to each blogger. A commission is paid to the blogger when a visitor clicks on that particular link and makes a purchase from the merchant.

A portion of the sale or a set sum is given to the blogger as commissions for each sale or lead.

Bloggers can sign up as affiliates for businesses in a few different ways. Through the company’s affiliate programme directly, or by joining affiliate marketing networks and looking for affiliate programmes to join there.

Find a company-specific affiliate programme – Go on a search to identify their affiliate programme if you have a certain business or item in mind for which you would like to be an affiliate. First, visit the business’s website and scroll all the way to the bottom. In the site footer, many businesses place a link to their affiliate programme.

Sometimes it’s difficult to find the affiliate programme. Next, try searching for “affiliate programme” in the box on Google. Different businesses will refer to affiliate programmes using various terms. Some are known as referral programmes, partner programmes, or rewards programmes. To discover the affiliate page, try a few different versions.

Try contacting the business directly and asking if they have an affiliate programme if you are having trouble finding one. Look around for a contact form, email address, or try establishing a social network connection.

Join a network of affiliate – By joining an affiliate marketing network, you can also find affiliate programmes.

Become a partner with other bloggers or online influencers – Are there bloggers in your industry or a related industry that developed and are selling their own product, course, or ebook? You can get in touch with them and ask if they have an affiliate program set up. Despite being the “competition,” they may benefit from joining forces by becoming an affiliate.

You may market their goods while blogging about them. Both of you will benefit financially from this and they will increase sales as a result. When you submit a review and an affiliate post, the blogger will frequently share it with their audience (because it promotes them). Additionally, this will assist in expanding your audience. Therefore, in addition to earning money, you are also expanding your reach!

How blogger gets paid through Affiliate Marketing?

An affiliate is typically compensated via an affiliate network. Even when I’ve discovered affiliate programs on a business’s website, they’ve employed a network to control tracking my clicks and paying me. Payments are typically made once the required number of sales have been reached each month. Other times, the company whose items you are marketing pays commissions straight to you. Remember that compared to physical things, the commission % is often larger for digital products.

Monetizing with Affiliate Marketing:

One of the simplest methods to start earning money from your blog is through affiliate marketing. Affiliate links are a flexible way to monetize your blog at any stage. It goes without saying that you will earn more money from affiliate marketing the more people who see the links and campaigns you run.

Remember that some affiliate programmes, such as those offered by Amazon, have minimum pageview or sale requirements.

For a number of reasons, affiliate marketing is excellent for new bloggers. For it to succeed, fewer pageviews are needed than for ad revenue. It is simpler for you to market a product if it has a successful track record of sales. Before making your own, you might practise selling someone else’s product.

Important points to ponder while thinking about How do bloggers make money through Affiliate Marketing:

You must develop and solidify your platform if you want to succeed with affiliate marketing. This entails producing engaging material for your viewers. Oh, and promoting that stuff is also very important. Building authority and trust with the readers of your blog is another aspect of establishing your platform.

You can’t just throw affiliate links around and hope to get paid. Your affiliate monetization strategy must be thoughtful. The best results from affiliate marketing come from promoting goods that you value and use often. Continue reading for more of my affiliate marketing money-making advice. 

How do bloggers make money through sponsored posts

In sponsored content, a business pays a blogger to write about their brand or a particular product. Sponsored material often has the same tone and feel as any other content the blogger publishes.

Companies enjoy collaborating with bloggers and content producers to promote their products in an editorial setting. The company respects the authority, voice, and impact of bloggers. The business wants to promote on your platform because of this.

The content you produce for sponsored articles may occasionally include the complete blog post process (text, images, a certain amount of social media shares), while other times businesses may only pay you for a certain portion of your content production.

Bloggers can get offers regarding writing articles, photography, styling and make-up, videos shoots, social media posts, emails, etc.

For bloggers, each campaign will be different based on the requirements of the sponsor and the platforms you are best at. Businesses want to leverage your voice to reach your specific audience and promote their goods and services.

How bloggers get paid through Sponsored posts?

Depending on how the relationship between the company and the blogger is established, a blogger’s ability to profit from a sponsored article will vary. The brand compensates the blogger directly if the two parties are in direct communication. A sponsor network will compensate the blogger when they connect them with a sponsor opportunity.

The commission amount for the sponsored content is negotiable when a blogger collaborates directly with a brand, whether by inviting the brand to them or by pitching the brand. The pay fee is frequently established in advance when a blogger uses an influencer network to secure a sponsored content gig.

Monetizing with Sponsored Posts:

Before you begin collaborating with businesses, your blog needs to be established and have a substantial amount of material.

Many networks and businesses want to know that you’ve been blogging for at least six months and have a sizable following.

Although the quantity of the audience is less important than it is for advertisements, businesses will still want to know that their target audience is visiting your website and engaging with your content before they pay you to write for them.

Important points to ponder while thinking about How do bloggers make money through Sponsored Posts:

If you want to earn money from sponsored content, I advise you to hone in on your distinctive writing voice and ideas, enhance your photography skills, concentrate on a specific audience and win them over, choose companies in advance that fit your blog’s brand and values, and keep working to expand your audience.

When you do have the chance to publish sponsored material, don’t forget to provide your visitors a tonne of value! This will enable you to continue receiving sponsorship possibilities and maintain the satisfaction of your workforce.

How do bloggers make money through creating and selling products

Many people believe that adverts are how bloggers primarily monetize their work. While this is generally true, several of today’s most popular bloggers also sell their own goods.

On their own blogs, bloggers can offer physical goods, digital goods, educational goods, memberships or subscriptions, books, their own physical goods, or anything they have purchased in bulk.

Different bloggers create and see

  • Courses
  • Digital Products
  • Memberships and Subscriptions
  • Physical Products
  • Books and Ebooks
  • Wholesale Products

How do bloggers get paid through creating and selling products?

Bloggers get paid by customers! No network of middlemen takes a cut of the commission. No receiving a selling commission alone. The blogger receives payment directly from the customer because they are the product’s maker and seller. The blogger must still incur expenses. In addition to fees for the tool or software they are using to sell their product, there is a credit card service fee.

If you are selling a tangible item, there are expenses related to making the item as well as delivery charges.

Monetizing with your product:

Technically, the launch of your product may coincide with the introduction of your blog. But that’s not what’s intended. Only 2% to 3% of the people on your email list will actually purchase your stuff, according to data reports everywhere. Due to this, obtaining 500–1000 high-quality email list members is a reasonable objective to set before releasing your own product.

Important points to ponder while thinking about How do bloggers make money through Creating and Selling Products:

Discover your audience first. What are their wants, desires, and areas of discomfort. How can you assist them? Establish your credibility and authority first.

Your main goal if you wish to sell your own products should be building an active email list. The ideal setting for your product’s pitch and sale is here.

Don’t feel as though your initial product must be a tremendous hit. Start with a straightforward digital item. This a fantastic essay by Meera on the various kinds of digital goods you may produce for your site.

How do bloggers make money through different freelancing services

 People require assistance. They may desire someone to hold them responsible or a deeper understanding of a certain issue. Some people merely want to avoid having to do something by hiring someone else to do it. In order to support and help their audience, many bloggers offer services related to their industry.

Your blog serves as a platform to advertise your services and establish your subject-matter authority in this money-making strategy. Adding services to your blog is another excellent method to establish your expertise in the field.

Services enable you to interact with people, and people support your growth. Yay! You can have a deeper understanding of the requirements of your target market by providing coaching or consulting packages. Working closely with my target audience helps me think of a tonne of blog themes.

How do bloggers get paid through freelancing services?

The client or customer pays bloggers. The prices and payment arrangements will be made by the blogger who is providing the service. To send invoices to your customers, use PayPal.

Monetize with freelancing services:

When you are comfortable and ready, find your first few clients and begin working with them. Having some material under your belt and a reliable social media presence is always a smart idea if you want to stay in touch with people.

Important points to ponder while thinking about How do bloggers make money through freelancing services:

Think about your target audience’s needs, wants, and pain areas. How can you assist them? Are there any services you might provide for them or a way you two could collaborate? After that, approach a select few or a small group and offer your services. Start out by setting affordable prices. 

A fantastic place to begin is with group coaching! For your specialty, put together a package of group coaching lasting a month. Make it really worthwhile so that the participants will adore you and your blog. Your blog postings can be used as a complement to the coaching. They’ll get to know you and your material this way.

Pay special attention to their inquiries and challenges for inspiration for upcoming articles and products!

Reaching out to specific people is simpler when you’re just starting out than attempting to advertise your email list or social media accounts.


How can a blogger earn money?

Display advertising is the easiest way to monetize a blog if you are thinking about how do bloggers make money. You don’t need any particular abilities to rent out space on your blog to Google AdSense, but you will be compensated for every 1,000 website visitors who see the advertisement.

Can a blogger make a lot of money?

From this article about how do bloggers make money it is clear that Yes, a blogger can make a lot of money. On average a blogger can make around $50,000.

Is blogging really helpful in making money?

Blogging is a job that allows you to specialize in an infinite number of areas. You may, for example, choose to write about literature, travel, pets, art, or your daily life. There are no boundaries in blogging when it comes to how you want to grow as a professional.

How much can a novice blogger earn?

How do bloggers make money in their first year? As a newbie blogger, you may earn around $2,380 in your first year, and your site can generate around $750 each month. 


As we conclude, How do bloggers make money, we understand that making money is not rocket science. It may not appear to be so since, from the outside, your final objective appears to be far away at times. However, that is the easiest part.

What’s the difficult part? Creating content, marketing it to acquire a new audience, and then retaining those individuals for future pieces.

When you have an audience that enjoys your content and a firm plan in place for how you want to generate money, monetization becomes easy.

Don’t be disheartened, my friend, if you’re continuously wondering how do bloggers make money. YOU CAN EASILY MAKE MONEY BY BLOGGING! Set some objectives and strive towards them! You’ve got it.

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