21 Important Life Lessons For Teenagers or Young Adults

Important life lessons for teenagers is what you are looking for? If yes, surely read this and understand the way of life for young adults.

Life comes in phases and we all go through them as and when our time arrives. Childhood, adulthood, job, marriage, children, old age…life is a journey of transition from one phase to another till we finally reach our destination.

Each phase of life has its own role, significance, meaning, and purpose. And our transitioning well from one phase to another depends mostly on how well we have lived and utilized the phase we are currently in. Today, we are going to talk about “life lessons for teenagers”.

Teenage supposedly is the most important of all phases as these are the formative years of our lives. Neurologists say that our brains continue to develop even in our teenage or our early twenties.

Teenage is the phase where a child turns into an adolescent and an adolescent into an adult. Teenage is a bridge between childhood and adulthood.

Now, how well and strongly we build this bridge to commute to that side of life, determines the quality and comfort of our journey toward our destination.

Teenage is a mixed phase. On one side you become somewhat mature enough to understand friendships-relationships, good-bad the other side you are going through this whole metamorphosis from a child to an adult.

Hormones changing, biological changes happening in the body, the advent of puberty, chemicals playing their games in the brain.

A child needs special attention and education during this phase as the avalanche of these changes brings with them a whole lot of things that need to be taken special care of.

Also, a strong value system and life-living mechanism need to be built during these formative years to shape the rest of life.

Here are 21 Life Lessons for teenagers that everyone must know and implement thereof:

Life Lessons For Teenagers

1. Discuss the changes happening in the body with your parents or experts:

A teenager goes through all the changes of growing into an adult. These changes are not always easy and have their own challenges. It is the duty of parents and teachers to guide the children properly about these changes and address the issues thereof.

For e.g.: Educating girls about the whole process of menstruation in advance or giving a scientific overview of sensitive topics like sex. Children should also not shy away from seeking help from parents or experts on these topics or any issues they need to know about.

2. There is no substitute for hard work:

Remember, nothing in this world comes easy. Be it good grades, a skill, a good career, fame, or just about anything.

Consistent hard work is the key to any achievement – small or big. The hard work you invest in these growing years of life will definitely reap the results and pave the way for a good future. Set goals. Focus on building your career and work hard towards achieving your goals.

3. The career decisions you take now will impact your future big time, choose wisely:

The career decisions

Some decisions are time bound but their impact lasts for a long or even for entire life. There are certain important life decisions to be taken during this phase, especially education and career-related. Weigh all the pros and cons and choose wisely.

4. Take counseling and guidance from experts for career or other important decisions in life:

unlike earlier times, when there were very few and cliched career choices and limited resources to resort to them, the scenario has changed and for the better. Today, there are ample career opportunities and enormous resources.

Take advice from career counselors and experts and make informed and smart choices as per your caliber and interests rather than falling prey to limited information.

5. Learn more and more skills. Develop your hobbies:

Make the most of these growing years. Learn new and different skills, and develop your hobbies. It could be anything from learning a new language to playing guitar, learning to paint or sketch, a voice-over lesson, or just about anything.

You never know that maybe, eventually, one of these becomes your career path and your source of livelihood in the future.

6. Learn to accept failures graciously and work towards improving yourself:

Lately, it is seen that some students at this age end their lives just because they don’t fare well in exams. Please note, your life is way bigger and certainly, beyond the marks and grades you score in exams. Scoring less is not the end of life and never ever even think about this cowardly act.

A crucial life lesson for students here is to learn to deal with failures. Accept failures graciously and work towards improving yourself.

7. Success is not just money, power, or fame:

Earning a lot of money, power, and fame has been the only definition of success for all of us. Money, power, and fame are important and definitely have their own place. You must toil every bit to achieve them. But they are not the only determiners of a successful life.

Being happy is equally important. Irrespective of all odds, if you are happy, you have lived your life successfully. Conditioning yourself to be happy no matter what is a paramount life skill for teens to develop.

8. Take competition as a means to motivate you:

Take competition as a means to motivate you

We have always been taught to be the top or be the best. And this comes with a price called competition. Let your competition be a healthy one.

Use a sense of competition as a means to motivate you and not fall into the trap of jealousy or anxiety. Compete with yourself and strive to become a better version of yourself each day.

9. Don’t become a slave of social media:

In today’s digital age, it is not easy to do away with social media. But don’t become a slave to it. There have been many types of research that prove that heavy use of social media is linked to mental illness.

Use social media just as a tool to learn and/or earn and not as a medium for validation. Let not the likes and comments run your life. It is a virtual world, not reality. Just open your eyes and see, the reality is people around you, your loved ones.

10. The gut is your gateway to good health:

It is said that your mind and body reside in your gut. What you eat decides your physical and mental health condition to a large extent. It is often found that children these days are getting more addicted to junk, packaged, tinned, and canned food.

Eating habits are becoming very unhealthy and these pose a lot of health threats in the future. Make sure you are imbibing the habit of eating healthy food from a young age. Eat nutritious, fresh, natural, and organic food.

11. Outdoor activities and exercise are inevitable for staying fit:

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Therefore, no couch potatoes, please!

Outdoor activities and exercise are a must to keep your body fit and healthy and your mind active. Make sure you do some form of exercise on a daily basis, play ample outdoor games, and make some sort of sports activity your routine.

12. Make yoga and meditation a part of your daily routine:

Make yoga and meditation a part of your daily routine

Given the stressful age we are living in, dealing with our minds well has become important like never before. Neither in school nor anywhere else are we taught ways to handle our minds and emotions.

Here yoga, meditation, mindfulness courses, and techniques are proving to be an elixir. Imbibe these techniques and learn to deal with your mind and emotions from the beginning. A strong foundation will help in dealing with life’s challenges more efficiently.

13. Heartbreak is not the end of life:

In the era we are living in, it is quite common that teenagers are in relationships. It is many times found that teenagers are unable to handle break-ups well.

So, the first piece of advice is that this is the time for concentrating on your studies, and career and build a strong foundation for your life. Still, if u have a relationship and break up unfortunately, don’t think it is the end of your life.

Remember, no heartbreak is worth your life. Bounce back and take charge of your life. Don’t ruin your life the relationships that don’t work out. If need be, take expert help to come out of such emotional traps.

14. Keep good company:

A famous proverb says a man is known by the company he keeps. It means that we are influenced by the environment in which we live and the people with whom we consistently interact in terms of attitude, behavior, linguistic expression, habits, interests, likes, dislikes, etc.

So, it is very important to be in the company of good people. Good company will elevate you as a person and shape your life better.

15. Read good books:

Books are said to be a man’s best friend. People might leave you but books don’t. Books do not just add knowledge, quality, and character to your life but they also shape your personality.

Reading expands your worldview and makes you realistic toward your dreams. Instil habit of reading books and good stuff from early on in life.

16. Develop your personality and confidence:

Teenage is all about development. Make the most use of this age to develop your talents, personality, and confidence level. Your personality speaks more than your words.

Your confidence is the best attire that you can adorn. The personality attributes that you develop at this age are sure to stay with you for a lifetime and aid in your success.

17. Refrain from addictions and substance abuse:

A very serious issue lurking these days is youngsters falling into the deep pit of addictions and substance abuse. It is a serious social concern that has ruined many lives and many families.

Please stay away from any type of addiction – be it boozing, smoking, substance abuse, or just about anything. These addictions have done no good to anyone and are only one-way confirmed tickets to doomsday of your and your family’s life.

18. Don’t allow anyone to exploit you:

It is the duty of parents and teachers to educate children about good touch and bad touch. Make sure you teach them enough and make them aware of abuse and exploitation.

And children should immediately bring to the notice of their parents or the people they confide in if something wrong happens to them or they sense it. Come what may, don’t allow anyone to exploit you physically, emotionally, or any which way.

19. Social life is irreplaceable:

Man is a social being and this fact will never change in any era, with any level of technological advancement. The more we get away from this fact the more we will get into the trap of various mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, loneliness, etc. It is very important to socialize.

Don’t remain glued to your screens all the time. Remember, social media is a virtual world. It can never replace the human touch. Go out, and socialize. Spend time with family, relatives, and friends.

20. Learn to let go:

Life is not always smooth and difficult times don’t see age, gender, or place. They can come to anyone at any place at any time.

The more we learn to let go and the more we start accepting difficult situations with a smile, the more life becomes easier. The earlier the better. What better than teenage to learn the art of letting go?

21. Strive to be a good human being:

A kid asked a wise man,” What do you suggest I become when I grow up?” 

The wise man replied, “Become a good human being, there is a lot of scope in this field and very less competition.”

We are humans- made up of love.  We are designed to care, share, give, and help. Work hard, achieve wealth, success, fame, health, happiness everything. But don’t forget to be a good human being. Never hesitate from lending a helping hand or spreading love or respecting others.

The Last Words:

Having all said, it depends on you and it is incumbent on you to take hold of your life. Your life is your responsibility.

Whether you make it or break it is unto you. Being authentic, truthful, and living a life of integrity even when no one is watching is an important life lesson for young adults out there.

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